Was Al-Jazeera Behind Leak of Saddam Hanging Video?

How did cell phone video footage of Saddam’s execution appear on Al-Jazeera television just hours after Saddam was hanged?

AP said the “leaked” video showed the former dictator being “taunted” near the end, with some witnesses shouting “Go to hell!” before he dropped through the gallows floor in a noose. The video has been exploited by Al-Jazeera. But who “leaked” it? CNN is reporting that an Iraqi official claims that Al-Jazeera itself was behind the leak, having recruited somebody to record the execution, for the obvious purpose of exploiting the scene in order to undermine the Iraqi government and its American backers. So Al-Jazeera leaked the video to itself! Not surprisingly, Al-Jazeera is denying the charge. But an Al-Jazeera role in obtaining, even recording, the video, makes sense, in terms of how quickly the terror TV channel was able to exploit it. As various news reports pointed out, Al-Jazeera was the first channel to air the footage.

If the charge stands up, it add to the case AIM has made that that Al-Jazeera has been a consistent supporter of the Saddam regime and its remnants, now waging a terrorist war against the U.S.-backed Iraqi government.