The Wrong Al-Jazeera

It is getting to be a fairly common mistake — citing something on the wrong Al-Jazeera web site in order to make a point about the controversial channel endorsing something or other. This time, WorldNetDaily claims that a Jimmy Carter letter to Jews was run by Al-Jazeera.

But this is NOT connected to the channel. This is, which is not the official affiliate of the channel. If you read at the bottom of the page, you’ll see this outlet is based on London, not Doha, Qatar, where the channel is based. The channel’s official English site is here.

It turns out that Jimmy Carter himself was recently a guest on the Riz Khan show on Al-Jazeera English, where he was praised by several callers. This is the spin-off of the terrorist TV channel.

Al-Jazeera English has run a fascinating story about former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright saying that “George Bush’s religious absolutism is alienating Muslims worldwide and making US foreign policy difficult for many countries to accept…”

Albright is reported to have said that “I worked for two presidents who were men of faith, and they did not make their religious views part of American policy,” referring to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both Democrats.

The caption under a photo of Albright summed it up: Albright says Clinton never let his faith guide policy.