Murdoch Network Airs Al-Jazeera International

Rupert Murdoch, owner of the conservative Fox News Channel, is providing Al-Jazeera  access to the British media market. And he has already signed a deal to allow Al-Jazeera International access to the British media market.  

But will the discovery of an al Qaeda-inspired cell in Canada hurt Al-Jazeera International’s campaign to get into U.S. and Western media markets?

It is fascinating to note that the cell was discovered just days after Mullah Dadullah, a Taliban commander, appeared on al-Jazeera television warning Canada that its military presence in Kandahar “makes Canadians a target,” as the Ottawa Citizen reported. You can read a transcript of his remarks at MEMRI.

Taliban official and spokesperson Mullah Dadallah issued the warning on the Al-Jazeera television network.
Taliban official on Al-Jazeera.

CIA veteran John Brennan is quoted in the Baltimore Sun as saying that the case of the Muslim terrorists in Canada  serves as a reminder that “there are a number of extremists who are in North America-both in the United States and Canada.” Henry “Hank” Crumpton, the State Department’s counterterrorism chief, says the U.S. ”needs to improve its efforts to counter propaganda on the Internet.” 

It stands to reason that we can start this counterattack by keeping enemy propaganda out of our airwaves. That means keeping Al-Jazeera International (AJI) out of U.S. and Western media markets. But get this: “AJI has already signed with satellite distributor BSkyB, which is partly owned by’s parent company, News Corporation.” This was reported by BSkyB is a British satellite system.

In the U.S., Al-Jazeera is available through the DISH satellite network, owned by Echostar. AJI is still looking for a U.S. carrier.

Will Murdoch come through for them?