Marash Confirms Accuracy of AIM Film

The AIM film, “Terror Television: The Rise of Al-Jazeera and the Hate America Media,” has been vindicated by the new American face of Al-Jazera International. After insisting I had told lies during our debate on the Fox News Channel Dayside program, Dave Marash of Al-Jazeera International now says that what I said was true, or at least partly or mostly true. As reported by Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun, “Mr. Marash told The New York Sun last week that he has not seen Mr. Kincaid’s film, but accepts that some of the assertions in it are true. ‘There is some factual basis to some of the charges in the movie,’ Mr. Marash said.”

All of the assertions in the film are backed up by evidence, including films and documents.

The AIM film looks at terrorists or suspected terrorists who have worked for Al-Jazeera. It also shows the first managing director of Al-JAzeera, who functioned as an agent of the Saddam Hussein regime. When I cited these cases on Fox, Marash said my charges and information were false. Now he’s singing a different tune, admitting that in the latter case,  “There was a fairly high executive who was revealed on evidenced developed in Baghdad after the fall that he had an unhealthy relationship with Saddam and Uday. They fired him the next day.”

In fact, however, when Al Jazeera replaced Mohammed Jassem al-Ali, the New York Times reported that the network denied the move was related to charges that it had been infiltrated by Iraqi intelligence and said that  he would remain on the board. The BBC reported much the same thing.

Wire services reported that, ”Al-Jazeera enjoyed a special status in pre-war Iraq, being allowed to work independently of the information ministry, which strictly controlled foreign media.”

Gerstein added, ”Mr. Marash also conceded that the network may have played a role in the decisions of some in the Arab world to attack Americans.” That is another point we make in our film.

 Thank you, Dave, for confirming what’s in our film. So why are you going to work for an Al-Jazeera spinoff?