“Arab Fightback” Takes Control of Al-Jazeera International

In a major development casting doubt on the “independence” of the “new” Al-Jazeera International (AJI) from the “old” Al-Jazeera, it is being reported that Sheikh Hamad al-Thani, “the royal owner of al-Jazeera,” has elevated Waddah Khanfar, the Arabic channel’s managing director, “to the position of director general” of AJI.

“This put him in overall charge of AJI,” reports Faisal Bodi, described as a leading commentator on Muslim affairs.

He reports, “Behind the scenes, a battle has been raging for the soul of AJI that only now looks like being settled.” That is, settled in favor of the old personnel who made Al-Jazeera into a front for terrorists.

The “soul” of Al-JAzeera International, in other words, has been captured by the same people who gave us the pro-terrorist Al-Jazeera.  

There’s more: Bodi reports, “More moves to reassert Arab influence over a wayward AJI followed. In another humiliating rebuke, [Nigel] Parsons [the AJI managing editor]  was forced to bring in Ibrahim Hilal, the former chief editor of the Arabic channel, as his deputy.”

Bodi adds: “The Arab fightback didn’t stop there. The network also obliged AJI staff to attend political orientation classes. The lessons, given by Mustafa Alani of the Gulf Research Council, were intended to combat Eurocentrism by attempting to coach journalists to see the world through Arab eyes.”

Under these circumstances, how long will someone like Dave Marash, formerly of ABC’s Nightline, stay with AJI?

It is looking, more and more, like AJI is just what we have been warning about. Marash ought to resign immediately.

. He has responded with a rearguard action to protect AJI from becoming a pale imitation of its western rivals.