Al-Jazeera is “POISON” in U.S.

A post on the “Friends of Al-Jazeera” web site from U.S. News & World Report makes it clear: Al-Jazeera is “poison” in the U.S., making it hard for Al-Jazeera International to fly. This comes as AIM has posted poll results showing strong opposition to Al-Jazeera International.

The article goes on: ”the launch has fallen victim to enormous technical difficulties and the herculean task of selling an al Jazeera product in a post-9/11 America that’s at war in the Arab world and suspects-rightly or wrongly-that the network favors the bad guys.”

Wrongly? The post is usually seen next to an appeal for Tayseer Allouni, the Al-Jazeera correspondent in prison in Spain, having been convicted of being an al Qaeda agent.

The article adds: “I think it’s shortsighted not to carry it here, but then again, I don’t have to carry it,” says Paul Maxwell, the founder of CableFAX, considered the industry’s bible. “With the climate in the U.S. and the way the government behaves toward the network, who needs the bother?” (emphasis added).

In fact, the government should oppose the channel, according to a majority in our poll, and yet the current U.S. posiiton is to put U.S. officials on the Arabic Al-Jazeera to make us look better. What a great success that has been. 

You can read the original U.S. News article here.