Al-Jazeera International Is NOT Independent

The Canadian magazine Macleans has hit the nail on the head in a story about Al-Jazeera International – “the new enterprise [AJI] has since been brought under the direct control of the Arab channel.” BINGO.

So don’t believe all the nonsense about AJI being “independent.”

What’s more, Western employees were forced to go through classes on political correctness. It reports, “AJI employees who were flown to Qatar for political orientation classes designed to help them overcome their Western biases received a stern warning about their off-hours behaviour this past spring. ‘Do not get drunk in public, do not wander around late into the night disturbing the neighbours and do not wander around half-naked,’ read the email. ‘And I am appalled to have to state the blindingly obvious: topless sunbathing by the pool is not acceptable behaviour.’”

Wandering around half-naked? Going topless?   What a group. Is this the best that Arab petro-dollars could buy?

The story goes on: “AJI has had considerable trouble selling itself to cable and satellite providers who fear a backlash from pressure groups and customers over its parent company’s perceived terrorist sympathies. Al-Jazeera has become a favourite target of American conservatives who allege the network operates as a propaganda arm for al-Qaeda and other Islamic radical groups.”

Alleges? We prove it.

For a look at the new AJI line-up, go here.