Al-Jazeera Covers “Anti-War” March

Al-Jazeera English covered the “anti-war” rally in Washington on Saturday, highlighting the appearances of Jane Fonda and Rep. John Conyers. Interestingly, the story quoted Hani Khalil, “a member of the United for Peace and Justice Group,” as saying the protesters wanted to send a message that “Americans are against the war in Iraq.”As AIM has pointed out, United for Peace and Justice is a Marxist-oriented group led by Leslie Cagan, who has substantial communist connections.

It is significant that Al-Jazeera singled out Hani Khalil, an Arab-American who works with the anti-war paper War Times. Khalil, who was put forward by United for Peace and Justice to give an Arab-American face to the protests to a worldwide audience, has written that, “The antiwar movements of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s were able to end or seriously hinder U.S.-sponsored wars in Vietnam, Central America, and elsewhere. Though we face unique challenges, we have the same responsibility – and ability – today.”

In other words, they want America defeated in Iraq. That’s Al-Jazeera’s goal as well.