Al-Jazeera Claims Access to U.S. Media Market

The New York Post, which is not always reliable, claims that Al-Jazeera International “has secured carriage agreements with cable, satellite, telecom and broadband video providers, according to spokesman Michael Holtzman.” It quotes Holtzman as saying, “We’ve gotten carriage across the board. We just can’t identify with whom at this stage because they are at different stages.” The Post reported that “Holtzman said the debut will be available in more than just a smattering of American homes.”

Should we believe this? It’s strange that Holtzman would be so secretive, except if the channel is meeting significant resistance. Which means it may be a lot of bluster. Why aren’t they trumpeting their success?

In a column about this development, Doug Powers refers to Al Jazeera as “the Nickelodeon of nutcases and the ESPN of choice for the discerning knife, rocket and belt-bomb jihad sportsmen…” He cites the following cartoon as an example of how Al-Jazeera may be getting its exclusive terrorist videos:

“There are major players at the table,” Holtzman said. “This won’t be a tiny toehold; we will have significant access.”