Iraq Threatens Al-Jazeera With Legal Action

The Iraqi government has issued the following statement: “The Al-Jazeera channel continues in its overtly hostile attitude towards the Iraqi people and continues to contribute to the spread of death and destruction by adopting a line that is frankly hostile to the Iraqi people and govvernment. We condemn this attitude and call on parliament to take a firm position on this channel and resort to all legal means to prevent it continuing its hostile policy.”


Al-Jazeera Spreads “Death and Destruction” In Iraq

Reuters reports from Baghdad that Iraq’s government on Wednesday accused Al Jazeera television of helping to “spread death and destruction” in its reporting.The channel was banned in
Iraq two years ago but was allowed to resume operations recently.

The story went on: “The cabinet called on parliament to take legal action against the pan-Arab Qatar-based satellite channel that has angered the Shi’ite-led government with its
Iraq coverage.” The cabinet said: “Al Jazeera continues to have a publicly shameless stand against the Iraqi people and to contribute in spreading death and destruction in

As we have consistently argued and shown in our coverage, Al-Jazeera has been a consistent mouthpiece for the remnants of the Saddam Hussein regime.


Al-Jazeera Covers “Anti-War” March

Al-Jazeera English covered the “anti-war” rally in Washington on Saturday, highlighting the appearances of Jane Fonda and Rep. John Conyers. Interestingly, the story quoted Hani Khalil, “a member of the United for Peace and Justice Group,” as saying the protesters wanted to send a message that “Americans are against the war in Iraq.”As AIM has pointed out, United for Peace and Justice is a Marxist-oriented group led by Leslie Cagan, who has substantial communist connections.

It is significant that Al-Jazeera singled out Hani Khalil, an Arab-American who works with the anti-war paper War Times. Khalil, who was put forward by United for Peace and Justice to give an Arab-American face to the protests to a worldwide audience, has written that, “The antiwar movements of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s were able to end or seriously hinder U.S.-sponsored wars in Vietnam, Central America, and elsewhere. Though we face unique challenges, we have the same responsibility – and ability – today.”

In other words, they want America defeated in Iraq. That’s Al-Jazeera’s goal as well.


Al-Jazeera at Fort Riley


Danny Schechter of media laments that too few foreign propaganda channels, such as Al-Jazeera English, were at the recently concluded National Conference for Media Reform. He asks, “Why no presence from the Al Jazeera English Channel that can’t get on the air in the US?” Maybe it’s because Al-Jazeera English correspondent Josh Rushing, a former Marine who looks like a PLO terrorist on his personal website, was busy elsewhere. He’s reportedly visiting Fort Riley, Kansas, doing a story about U.S. troops training Iraqis.

Can someone tell me why Al-Jazeera has been given access to that U.S. military base? What do and the Free Press organizers of the media reform conference have in common? They’ve both been funded by George Soros.


Was Al-Jazeera Behind Leak of Saddam Hanging Video?

How did cell phone video footage of Saddam’s execution appear on Al-Jazeera television just hours after Saddam was hanged?

AP said the “leaked” video showed the former dictator being “taunted” near the end, with some witnesses shouting “Go to hell!” before he dropped through the gallows floor in a noose. The video has been exploited by Al-Jazeera. But who “leaked” it? CNN is reporting that an Iraqi official claims that Al-Jazeera itself was behind the leak, having recruited somebody to record the execution, for the obvious purpose of exploiting the scene in order to undermine the Iraqi government and its American backers. So Al-Jazeera leaked the video to itself! Not surprisingly, Al-Jazeera is denying the charge. But an Al-Jazeera role in obtaining, even recording, the video, makes sense, in terms of how quickly the terror TV channel was able to exploit it. As various news reports pointed out, Al-Jazeera was the first channel to air the footage.

If the charge stands up, it add to the case AIM has made that that Al-Jazeera has been a consistent supporter of the Saddam regime and its remnants, now waging a terrorist war against the U.S.-backed Iraqi government.



Al-Jazeera English: “Propaganda for America’s Enemies.”

The Weekly Standard has taken note of our criticism of the new channel. In an article, Louis Wittig finds Al-Jazeera English (AJE) guilty of airing “deceptive and terrorist-promoting segments.”

One example: “ON ONE OF THE DAYS I was watching, the London desk had breaking news from Gaza. A hundred-plus Hamas gunmen had formed a human shield around their leader’s house to ward off an Israeli air strike. This began a string of short reports on recent events in the Strip: The U.N. Assembly had voted overwhelmingly to condemn Israel; accompanying footage showed Palestinian bodies. The next item was Israel’s bombing of a building that housed (AJE authoritatively asserted) a charity. The broadcast made no mention either of what the Israelis believed the building contained or why the Israelis were attacking in Gaza in the first place.”

Another is one that we have noted: a glorified report about the terrorist Islamic Army of Iraq. Wittig explains: “AJE aired a short segment on the Islamic Army of Iraq. The publicity video showed disciplined rows of masked men drilling: bursting out from the cover of tall reeds and scanning the horizon with their AK-47s. An off-camera voice described how they fight all foreigners. Their tactics of kidnapping and releasing ‘grisly videos’ were noted as ‘effective intimidation technique[s].’ A group spokesman, his face obscured, gave a boasting quote but doesn’t field any questions.”

Wittig concludes that,  “If this isn’t propaganda for America’s enemies, that’s only because the definition of propaganda in today’s constantly shifting media environment isn’t perfectly clear.”

He adds:

“AJE supporters try to claim that the new network is independent from the original Al Jazeera. But as Cliff Kincaid, of Accuracy in Media, notes, both Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera English are funded directly by the emir of Qatar, and three of the four top managers at the English-language channel come from the Arabic one.


“TAKING A HANDS-OFF APPROACH to Al Jazeera English is, Kincaid continues, akin to giving Tokyo Rose an anchor’s seat on NBC radio during World War II. This is not an uncommon reference for the network’s critics and it sounds vaguely right. Only Tokyo Rose probably never had U.S. Navy spokesmen on her show to discuss Guadalcanal. Al Jazeera English, on its Inside Iraq program, does.”



Al-Jazeera’s Pro-Hamas Bias

Al-Jazeera’s bias in favor of Hamas is being alleged by the Fatah Palestinian organization. The Israel Insider has the story. So does

We noted this fact last July in one of our AIM Reports: “Al-Jazeera has played a clear role in the rise of Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) and its Palestinian election victory in January. From the start, Al-Jazeera has been accused of undermining Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement in order to build up Hamas.”

Israel Insider notes that “One of Israel’s two leading television cable providers, Yes, decided earlier this month to drop BBC World in favor of Al-Jazeera English. The move represents a small coup for Al-Jazeera since the majority of its founding staff were trained by the BBC for a special Arab-focused section of the British media giant. BBC World will lose half of its Israeli reach on account of the change.”
It adds that, “The allegations of a pro-Hamas bent in the network might also spell political troubles for both Al-Jazeera and Israel. Hamas is staunchly opposed to negotiating with Israel and refuses to recognize the existence of the Jewish state.”

So the Israeli cable provider is making Israel’s existence and survival more questionable. 

The answer is to drop Al-Jazeera AND the BBC.   


The Wrong Al-Jazeera

It is getting to be a fairly common mistake — citing something on the wrong Al-Jazeera web site in order to make a point about the controversial channel endorsing something or other. This time, WorldNetDaily claims that a Jimmy Carter letter to Jews was run by Al-Jazeera.

But this is NOT connected to the channel. This is, which is not the official affiliate of the channel. If you read at the bottom of the page, you’ll see this outlet is based on London, not Doha, Qatar, where the channel is based. The channel’s official English site is here.

It turns out that Jimmy Carter himself was recently a guest on the Riz Khan show on Al-Jazeera English, where he was praised by several callers. This is the spin-off of the terrorist TV channel.

Al-Jazeera English has run a fascinating story about former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright saying that “George Bush’s religious absolutism is alienating Muslims worldwide and making US foreign policy difficult for many countries to accept…”

Albright is reported to have said that “I worked for two presidents who were men of faith, and they did not make their religious views part of American policy,” referring to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both Democrats.

The caption under a photo of Albright summed it up: Albright says Clinton never let his faith guide policy. 


The Pentagon and Al-Jazeera

A UPI story began: “Most Americans can’t get Al Jazeera English, the new news network that U.S. cable and satellite TV does not yet offer. But Pentagon employees can.” It was about the channel being on closed circuit Pentagon TV. One can understand this, since the Pentagon needs to monitor the enemy. The key to the story came later,  when Bryan Whitman, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Public Affairs, “said the Pentagon has adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude before it will schedule appearances by many DOD officials on the new network.”

We waited and saw. As we noted in our column, “The channel was very quick out of the chute in airing a terrorist video…”

That video, from the Islamic Army of Iraq, was about terrorists training to kill American soldiers in Iraq.

Why does the Pentagon have to wait to see more?

Tell Mr. Bryan Whitman to have the Pentagon boycott Al-Jazeera. Call 1 (703) 428-0711

Better yet, expose the enemy. Denounce Al-Jazeera English for airing that terrorist video.

Do we want to win this war or not?


French Rescue Al-Jazeera Intl.

GlobeCast – a subsidiary of France Telecom – is the only cable or satellite provider that is beaming Al-Jazeera International’s signal into the U.S. And it takes a very unusual satellite dish to pick it up.

Still, it’s a major victory in the global war on terrorism.

Accuracy in Media is renewing its demand for a federal probe to determine if Al-Jazeera constitutes a global terrorist entity and whether its American operations should be closed down immediately.

An AIM poll found Americans overwhelmingly against Al-Jazeera International coming into American homes.

DowJones Market Watch reports: “Comcast Corp. (CMCSA, CMCSK), the country’s largest cable operator, won’t distribute the international version of Qatar-based news service al-Jazeera, the company confirmed Tuesday.”

Thank you Comcast.

Al-Jazeera continues to defend and pay the legal bills for its former Kabul, Afghanistan bureau chief, in prison in Spain after being convicted of being an agent of al Qaeda. He was linked in documents to those behind the 9/11 plot.

The AIM DVD on “Terror Television” shows the channel’s first managing director getting orders (and hugs and kisses) from Uday Hussein. Today, Al-Jazeera is a mouthpiece for the Islamic Army of Iraq, composed of former Saddam Hussein loyalists, who are murdering, kidnapping and beheading people, including Americans.  

You can contact Globecast here.